Pictures of Past Pupils

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Email me with a JPeg photo, of you at the school, as long as you are now over 18 years old, and I will include it in this gallery. The photo must be of you in the school, on the school grounds, on a school trip etc ie: school related. ( Please include your name and the years you attended Fulbridge. If you include any interesting ‘stand-out’ memories, I will publish them as well.
My name is John Newell and I was a pupil at Fulbridge School, Infants and Juniors from 1951-1957. I now live in Leigh-on-sea, Essex.
I was fascinated by seeing your website and by a few old photographs.
It was a tradition in the 1950’s that an annual football match was played
between a combined Fulbridge & Dogsthorpe Team, and a combined team
from Isle of Ely schools. I can remember as a third year junior watching the match
in 1956, although I  can’t remember who won, and hoping that I would be selected
for the following year’s game. Thankfully I was, and I am happy to send you a photo of the
combined team, together with all their names. They are as follows:-
Back Row:
G. Barnett, M. Conway, B.Martin, T.Dolby,D.Collins,B.Charles, J.Newell, B.Mawson,
F.Warnes, T.Davidson.
Front Row: B.Parker, R. McKenna, M.Brown, P.Black, T.Perkins, B. Morton.
We won 5-0. We also won the away game 2-0.
I hope you find this little bit of school history interesting

April 5th 1968, aged 5 Janice Wenlock- middle row, nearest left, white jumper.

Fulbridge C.J.M. School 1st X1 for season 1963/64

Back – Paul Arthurs, Philip “Ginger” Walding, Paul Presland, Keith Bradford, Brian Rowell and Clive Barton
Front – Trevor Davison, Keith Ferris, Robert Hodson (Capt), Peter Taylor and “Dinky” Dalton

Peter Taylor (below) sent the photo in.

Peter Taylor demonstrating his football skills to professional footballer, Derek Dougan, on the school field!

Does anybody know the names of all these children, they will be heading towards 70 years old now!


One Response to Pictures of Past Pupils

  1. Richard Austin says:

    Hi there from Australia,
    Great to see your Website & particularly the old photos. I attended Fulbridge School from the infants commencing 1951 through to the Juniors when I left to go to Kings School in 1957. The photo of class 2 in 1954, which I have enlarged to the max, Has Mr. Bailey (headmaster) on extreme right. I am sure the Teacher on the extreme left is Miss Simpson. The student top row second from left I am sure is Keith Moore, who had a younger brother David in my class.
    My mother May Austin was Mr. Baileys secretary at the school during the early-mid fifties. Mr. Bailey & his wife used to visit us at home in St. Pauls road on Sunday evenings for tea & the odd sherry. My Brother Michael also attended Fulbridge School ( he is 7 years my senior & still Kickin’ )
    I will look through some of my old pics as I am sure I have some of the 1956 Junior swimming team. I was Captain (WOW!). That year we shared the Winners Trophy with Dogsthorpe School.
    Warm Regards,
    Richard Austin (67 years young)

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