The Day the Minister of State Visited Fulbridge

Monday 19th September 2011

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BBC News Article

The Minister of State for Education, Nick Gibb, visited our school for a meeting to discuss the issues facing Peterborough with so many European Migrants. Stewart Jackson our local MP attended as well as Gillian Beasley our Chief Executive for the City. Councillor John Holditch came along as well as Jonathan Lewis and Gary Perkins from the Local Authority. Five other Heads came and our Chair of Governors, Helen Bath, Governor Charles Swift OBE and Charlotte Krzanicki, our Deputy Head also attended the meeting.

It was a very good meeting and the Minister listened very carefully to everything everybody had to say. The meeting lasted over an hour and then he officially opened our new play area, the pirate ship, which he named, ‘The Adventure Galley’ which was an actual pirate ship that was captained by Captain Kidd. The TV cameras were there as well as the press and we were on BBC TV, Look East, in the evening. The Minister then had a tour round school, starting with Year 6 and then all the way down to the Reception classes. He then had to leave to get back to Westminster to meet with Michael Gove, the Education Secretary.

A very significant day, not often a school is visited by the Minister of State for Education!


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